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The East Central Florida Corridor Evaluation Study (ECFCES) is the 2nd of three (3) stages in the Future Corridors Planning Process: 1) Concept Study for a broad area connecting two regions; 2) a more detailed Evaluation Study for a corridor or segment within the study area; and 3) more specific decisions about particular alignment(s) within a corridor through the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) process.

Evaluation Study Goals

  • Identify a package of transportation investments to address regional connectivity and mobility gaps by developing and enhancing multimodal transportation corridors.

  • Develop a quantitative and qualitative evaluation approach, consistent with the 21 Guiding Principles and the goals of the Florida Transportation Plan.

  • Support the statewide Future Corridors Initiative through the development of an evaluation framework.

  • Identify projects to move forward to project development.

Evaluation Study Framework

To develop an evaluation approach that will help identify and prioritize investments in transportation infrastructure and services to address regional connectivity and mobility gaps in the East Central Florida Corridor study region, consistent with the Florida Transportation Plan (FTP), and supports the statewide Future Corridors Initiative.

  • Address regional connectivity and mobility gaps by developing and enhancing multimodal transportation corridors.

  • Connect existing and future regional centers where people live, work, learn, play, considering timing and location of development expected to occur through 2060.

  • Improve access to and connections between major transportation hubs and corridors across all modes to support growth in tourism and trade.

  • Enhance and support emergency evacuation, response, and post-disaster recovery activities.

Contact Information

This portal will serve as a repository for important project information including project updates, presentations, maps, brochures, and reports. If you have any questions, please contact the FDOT District Five Project Manager, Judy Pizzo at judy.pizzo@dot.state.fl.us


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