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2060 PLAN

Background: "How Shall We Grow?"

Beginning in 2006, a significant regional planning program took place in Central Florida. The "How Shall We Grow" regional visioning project was an 18-month campaign that engaged 20,000 residents in an effort designed to create a shared growth vision for Central Florida. Emphasis was placed on the identification of four items: Conservation, Centers, Countryside and Corridors.


Through this process and with the use of LUCIS mapping software, the project team developed two potential regional growth outcomes for the year 2050. These options included Continuing the Trend or Implementing the Shared Growth Vision



Strategic Regional Policy Plan (2060 Plan)

Through the vision developed with How Shall We Grow, the East Central Florida Strategic Regional Policy Plan was developed. This book promotes a future environment of urban centers connected by multi-modal transit options, with concentrated growth taking pressure off of the region's vital natural resources.

Regional Growth Priorities


Enjoying Central Florida's most precious resources - lands, waters, air and wildlife.


Hamlets, villages, towns and cities - a variety of places to live, work and play.

Connecting our region with more choices for people and freight to move.



Maintaining Central Florida's heritage of agriculture and small villages.

The Trend: The trend of development in Central Florida currently places an emphasis on low density, suburban residential development and a high proportion of the use of single occupant automobiles for transit. (Click to View)

The Alternative: The alternative developed through focus groups put the priority on residential density focused along multi-modal transit and the preservation of green spaces such as conservation and agricultural lands. (Click to View)


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