Partnership for the Goals: Creating a Resilient and Thriving Community
through 17 Rooms

In early May 2022, more than one hundred regional leaders from different organizations came together as part of the region’s first Partnership for the Goals event. The two-day summit was a partnership between the Brookings Institution, the RPC’s East Central Florida Regional Resilience Collaborative, the Central Florida Foundation, the University of Central Florida’s Center for Global Environmental and Economic Opportunity, Orange County, the City of Orlando, and Florida For Good.

The theme of the Partnership for the Goals was to break from business-as-usual and leverage the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework as a tool for common conversation across government, philanthropic, academic, business, and civic society that often struggle to connect across professional vocabularies and organizational reference points.

The event yielded more than two dozen actionable ideas. Stayed tuned for the report and implementing actions.

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Ongoing Activities


Join us on Sept. 29 to gain an understanding of the Benefits Cliff and the impacts of the minimum wage increase on the most vulnerable. Employer assistance, tools, and ideas to avoid the cliff.

Fiscal Cliff Speakers & Resources

Next Steps

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Steering Committee Kit

R2C Goals by UN SDGs

This document presents each of the R2C’s established goals identified in the Strategic Resilience Action Plan. These goals have been organized in accordance with each of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals' relevance, enhancing and further guiding R2C efforts. Each goal listed also indicates the advisory committee from which it has been selected.

17 Rooms Concept 

17 Rooms offers an efficient way of convening natural allies, ideally promoting enough familiarity to enable collaboration and enough diversity to spark new ideas and pathways to action led by organizations around the region. Each Room is a high-level working group.


We cordially invite you to actively engage in 17 Rooms, a process for stimulating bottom-up awareness and cooperation across the many perspectives and interests that make our region thrive, are pertinent to sustainable development, while also creating a bridge between local activities and traditional stakeholders.