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Our Role in Resiliency Planning

The ECFRPC team is highly involved in assisting communities with strategies for adapting to acute shocks and long term stressors from natural hazards such as sea level rise, storm surge and flooding.

As part of our resiliency work, we conduct vulnerability assessments, map coastal risk scenarios, and develop strategies with critical stakeholders to determine long term plans for addressing climate-induced problems.

Peril of Flood: Florida's Resiliency Portal

The Peril of Flood website is maintained by the ECFRPC and includes information and resources pertaining to resiliency planning in the state of Florida. Click the image below to view.

Through 2019, the ECFRPC will be working with communities in Volusia and Brevard County to develop a Regional Resiliency Action Plan.

Regional Resiliency Action Plan

East Central Florida Regional Resiliency Collaborative

Click here to learn about our regional resiliency collaborative!

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