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Central Florida is undergoing a transit revolution. While studies have been completed for various transit projects that are exploring implementation strategies, others are being envisioned through several planning initiatives. The SunRail dream is reality now and All Aboard Florida is about to become a reality. Light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT), and other high capacity premium transit modes are being planned for and are being integrated with local bus modes as part of the regional transit package.

Central Floridians are getting prepared to reap the benefits of a robust multi-modal transportation network, the region is experiencing tremendous transit synergy, and the need for inter and intra-agency coordination has never been greater. In this context, the Florida Department of Transportation District Five developed TransPort, an interactive GIS mapping and analysis tool that serves as a one-stop-shop for transit.

The purpose of the tool is to host and disseminate transit related information and allow mapping and spatial analysis of transit systems to inform decision making. The ultimate objective is to support development of coordinated planning and implementation strategies with the regional transportation partners to ensure consistency of future plans of various transit agencies within the District.


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