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Priority Based 

The R2C, in partnership with ICLEI and ResourceX, is opening its first regional Priority Based Budgeting cohort for between 8- 14 of our partners. 

The cohort will launch in January and will last approximately 6 months.  The commitment would include 2-3 staff members from leadership within government: finance/budgeting, emergency management, resilience/sustainability leads, for approximately 20-25 hours over the 6 months period.  There will be 6-8 sessions lasting 60-90 min. each along with one-on-one sessions. 

This cohort will provide the opportunity to link budgeting and procurement to resilience and sustainability priorities with the goal to implement strategies, actions and projects to overcome insufficient budget and procurement barriers.

Click below to watch the brief Q&A webinar.

Q&A Video Recording

Presentation Slides

Resource X Slide Front Page.png

Deadline to Apply: 

November 17, 2023

Please submit your letter of interest to Jenifer Rupert at

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