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Regional growth analysis report How Did Grow engagement results published

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

After a years-long process that included multiple public engagement opportunities, the East Central Florida Regional Planning has published the results of the How Did We Grow engagement platform report. The report is the bookend to the How Shall We Grow report developed nearly twenty years ago. That report looks at public sentiment on how the region shall grow through 2060. This first analysis of the impact of that report comes as regional leaders look to realize the public desires for the region while also ensuring the region’s growth is managed in a sustainable way that improves the quality of life for those within the region.

More information can be found at

How Did We Grow engagement platform results (with comments)

HDWG with comments 5.18.22
Download PDF • 26.83MB

How Shall We Grow

How Shall We Grow
Download PDF • 9.73MB


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