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2024 ECF Photo Contest Now Accepting Applications

We're excited to announce the return of the East Central Florida Photo Contest, now in its third year. The contest has been adjusted to better highlight the many unique features and personalities found throughout the region while also ensuring the selected photos are enjoyed by stakeholders throughout the eight-county region.  

East Central Florida is the largest planning council region in the State of Florida by area and the second largest by population. The region is known for some of the most photographed buildings in the world and regularly hosts history-making events ranging from sports playoffs to rocket launches. With its unique natural assets and picturesque communities, East Central Florida is a photographer's paradise. We hope this photo contest gives new opportunities to showcase the region's diverse characteristics and scenery. 

While the physical calendar will no longer be printed, a complimentary digital calendar featuring all six winners and the six runners-up will be available for download at the end of the year. The winners and runners-up will also receive printed copies of their photos. The twelve photos will be highlighted on ECFRC’s social media channels, through, the organization’s offices, and various ECFRPC publications. The six winners will each receive one ticket to the ECF Diamond Awards, where their photos will be displayed and recognized as part of the awards ceremony.  

This year also includes an update to the photo categories. These reimagined categories align with our 2060 Plan and stem from the priorities arising from engagement with more than 20,000 local stakeholders.

The 2024 ECF Photo Contest categories include

  1. Conservation & Countryside

  2. Regional Prosperity

  3. Innovative Places

  4. Big Data & Technology

  5. Health & Equity

  6. & The Brilliance of Regional Impact

Each category remains broad enough for artist interpretation. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. These, by no means, represent the limits of what each category may represent.   


Conservation & Countryside highlights environmental preservation, agriculture, and rural communities. 

Examples that may fall within this category include  

  • Farmers markets 

  • Crab boats 

  • Fish and fishing 

  • Farmlands 

  • Nature and natural areas 

  • Flora and fauna 


Regional Prosperity focuses on economic development, job centers, and community reinvigoration.  

Examples that may fall within this category include  

  • Business and Industrial Parks 

  • New Construction 

  • Road building and roadways 

  • Mass Transit 

  • Commercial corridors  

  • Art fairs, craft fairs, food truck events, and other small business-focused community events  


Innovative Places focuses on placemaking, community planning, and improvements to the built environment. 

Examples that may fall within this category include  

  • Art installations 

  • Mass transit 

  • Novel designs used to improve infrastructure (bike racks, benches, etc.) 

  • Unique signage  

  • Distinct and noteworthy buildings  

  • Colorful or unique uses for alleyways and underutilized urban spaces 

  • Spaces or vistas that show harmony between the built and natural environments  


Big Data & Technology showcases modern engineering, infrastructure, and technology that enhance the region’s quality of life. 

Example subjects that fall within this category include: 

  • I-4 Ultimate, the Orlando beltway, and other modern roadways 

  • LED-lit art and infrastructure 

  • Informational signage 

  • SunRail, Brightline, and other modern mass transit systems 

  • Items related to the space, aviation, modeling, simulation, and educational industries  

  • Autonomous vehicles and shuttles  


Health & Equity focused on the realms of equity, demographics, health, and lifestyle improvements.  

Examples that fall within this category include: 

  • Trails and Multi-Use Facilities 

  • Outdoor fitness activities such as walking, biking, paddle boarding, and hiking 

  • Public fitness facilities in parks, along trails, or other publicly accessible areas 

  • Sports facilities  

  • Urban farming and agriculture (bees, chickens, etc.) 

  • Fitness and health-focused community events  


The Brilliance of Regional Impact category recognizes outstanding individuals and programs in the region, including non-profits and regional leaders dedicated to enhancing the community. Examples that fall within this category include: 

  • Candid photos of local leaders 

  • Outreach and community events 

  • Celebrations and ceremonies honoring historical moments, such as ribbon cuttings, award ceremonies, and groundbreakings 

  • Historical markers, gravestones, and other memorial signage dedicated to people, programs, and events that have had an impact across the region 

The contest is now open and closes on Labor Day (September 2, 2024).

The PDF application can be downloaded below. Please email completed application forms to

ECFRPC 2024 Photo Contest Application PDF
Download PDF • 361KB


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